July 8, 2015

TPT "Make your Masterpiece" Challenge

The next challenge in the #tptsellerschallenge was to create our masterpiece! It was a fun challenge and I am thankful for them allowing a week and a half for this one! I needed the extra time! My think time alone was 1-2 days.

I decided to extend an earlier freebie that I have in my store and make it last all year long.
Here is the description of my 102 page masterpiece. I will definitely be using this in my classroom and hope you get to too!
Here are more cutting AND tracing activities that grew from my cutting honeybees activity that is currently available in my store for free!

This activity is intended to provide children with an opportunity to practice their cutting skills, tracing skills, and demonstrate understanding of the concepts start and stop.
Additionally this will provide opportunities to practice some executive functioning skills such as task initiation, self-regulation, and self monitoring (they have to stop themselves from cutting through the pictures as well as monitor where they are on the line).

It is easy to get into the habit of providing children feedback and sometimes we forget to ask the child how they thought they did. To help with this, I have included reflective questions to ask your child/student after cutting or tracing so they can evaluate their own work.

All the pages are the same so you can use these to monitor cutting and tracing progress throughout the year. Keep a beginning, mid, and end of year in the child's portfolio to show to parents/guardians.

You will receive color and black line pages consisting of two cutting pages, and two tracing pages. The first has easier lines to follow and the second has more challenging lines. All pages are ready to be printed and used right away. Low prep time and ready to use!

Have your children create their own colors and color in the pictures on the black line copies.

You will receive the following in cutting and tracing:
Beginning to snip
Back to school
Valentine Cupcakes
St. Patrick's Day
Fun in the Sun

You can also make this a fun activity to use with puffy paint or glue to provide raised lines. I hope you enjoy using this as much as I did making it!

Thank you!
Diana Smith
Engage and Play in Pre-K

This took me a while and several revisions but it is done! You can go and pick up your download of it in my store. It is on sale at 50% off! You can get your set for only $2.00 for a limited time. 

I want to send out a special thank you to my new friend and fellow educator, Angie at Glimmers of Learning for your time reviewing my product and giving me valuable, through, and honest feedback!

Glimmers of Learning

Angie has some excellent interactive storybooks featuring commonly used nursery rhymes that any preschooler will love! She has incorporated ways to make this easily adaptable for all the little learners regardless of their abilities. Go and check out her TPT Store for some excellent products!

I also want to thank Keri Vandongen from Speech Party who also gave me valuable and honest feedback. She also has a TPT Store for all you Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP's) and other educators who have a special place in your heart for the wonderful work that SLP's do for our children.
I have met some amazing people along the way with this challenge and I look forward to future collaborations and creation of products with my wonderful professional connections!
Go and check out their products!


  1. I think your cutting Masterpiece is exquisite, Diana and know that others shall soon agree with me. I could tell that you put a lot of careful thought and detailed effort into planning and creating this project. Your kindness and grateful nature is why you're such a joyous teacher to know and collaborate with. ~Keri