June 26, 2015

Countdown to School!

I have just finished a Countdown to School! resource for teachers and parents to use to help our little learners understand the passage of time in a concrete and visual way.

Product Description
Our youngest learners struggle with understanding the abstract concept of the passage of time. These have been created with this in mind and provides our little learners with a concrete way to understand this challenging concept.

Our little learners are so eager to be in school and these countdown sheets are designed to have the child interact with them and give them an idea of when school will be starting up again. This would be a great handout to give during home visits and on the day before a break begins.

In this download, you will find school countdown handouts for the following:
Countdown to the first day of school
Countdown from Fall break
Countdown from Winter Break
Countdown from Spring Break

This has been designed to include the following additional skills:
Counting backwards
Number Identification
Left to right directionality
Passage of time
Fine motor skills
Coloring practice
Home/School connection

Adaptations to this sheet could include the following:
Use stickers in place of coloring (you are still getting in some fine motor practice!)
Have the child point to the next picture and color it in using hand over hand support.
Include this in a daily routine at the beginning or end of the day.

Extension activities could include the following:
Have the children write in the numbers with or without a model in place of coloring.
Create a complex pattern.
Look for other patterns within the images.

 Pick up your copy here: 

Included in this download are four different countdown sheets for common school related breaks including the first day of school. 

I have also included a sheet for 7 day breaks and sheets that you can insert your own numbers.

Thank you so much to the following artists!

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