July 30, 2015

Classroom Job-POLLSTER

Classroom jobs are one of my favorite classroom management tools and the children take their jobs very seriously and look forward to them every day! Not only does it help the child feel responsible, they also get to contribute to the daily happenings in the classroom in a meaningful way for both the child and the adults!

I started out with a job that I called the interviewer and they were responsible for taking a poll. They were very official and had to carry a clipboard with a fun and fancy pen and ask each peer a yes/no question related to our theme or event that happened at school. After some reflection I felt that calling this job the interviewer was not sufficient. The job is now called the Pollster! You can head over to my TPT store and pick up a years worth of questions.

These are the developmental domains and academic skills that this job covers. As you can see there is a lot that the child is engaged in while performing this job. It is very important! 

 As an early childhood special education teacher teaching all learners in an inclusive environment, differentiation, adaptations, and modifications have to be taken into consideration! Below are some examples of how this can be adapted to meet the needs of all your learners! I have a variety of supports from least to most, including a completely adapted sheet.

You can head over to my TPT store and pick up a years worth of questions (209), ideas for implementation, and directions for making and adapted pollster sheet. What are some of your favorite classroom jobs?


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